Activist Sourcing

We will help you navigate the best course for your organisation through the complexities of sourcing public services, helping you to decide between the bewildering array of models available.

We will introduce you to our sourcing life cycle which will help to provide a solid framework for generating innovation, working with your stakeholders, making decisions, managing risk and delivering on your intended outcomes.

We will help you to make the complex manageable:

  • Whether or not you have gone through a commissioning process with us, we’ll use our proven, programmatic approach to help you define drivers, objectives and targets.
  • Then we’ll bring our objectivity to bear on a review of your current business model, looking at the resources available to you, both within your organisation and outside it.
  • We’ll review all of your sourcing options, then help you to design a solution that’s right for your organisation.
  • The next step is to build an implementation plan and build your capability – including the processes to develop shared services, procure contracts or create new models, such as trusts or social enterprises.
  • The crucial transition phase comes next, when we help you establish governance, communicate with internal and external audiences about the changes, then migrate to the new model.
  • Once the new service model is up and running, we’ll help to ensure it runs smoothly by helping you to establish rigorous reporting, review and continuous improvement processes.

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