Activist Learning

At the core of our approach is the belief that it’s better to develop your capabilities rather than build dependencies on us or other third-party suppliers.

We want your team to feel equipped to embrace the challenge of ensuring you get the best results in an age of austerity. This requires innovative thinking and a willingness to embrace radical new service models.

The concepts of strategic commissioning, localism and community budgets are all intended to stimulate this drive for more intelligent service provision.

But turning those ideas into real benefits for you and your stakeholders is a challenging process. So we’ve teamed up with SOLACE Enterprises to provide a leadership development programme called Beyond Efficiency.

This modular programme sets out to help you achieve the ambition of delivering better with less – not just less with less.

You can study the modules one at a time or tackle the course as a whole, as an individual or within a group, on your premises or ours.

Beyond Efficiency modules

  • Beyond Efficiency: new service models, new partnerships, new thinking (core module).
  • Commissioning: so you want to be strategic?
  • Multi-agency service innovation: challenging the silos.
  • Shared services: so you really want to share?
  • Management mergers: one team, so many customers.
  • Outsourcing and joint ventures: managing the market.
  • Mutuals and social enterprise: do they deliver?

To find out more about the programme, please contact us.

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