Activist Commissioning

At Activist we believe in helping you to translate your strategy into action in the most effective and efficient way. But before we guide you through the complexities of new service provision, we will take a step back with
you to look at the bigger picture.

First, we will pause and spend time thinking about what it is you really want for your stakeholders.

We’ll encourage you to analyse perceived needs – stripping away assumptions and preconceptions as we go until we really get to the heart of the matter.

We’ll ask some fundamental questions about how to commission the kind of services that will meet your desired outcomes and how to manage the journey towards new models of service delivery.

How do you know that existing methods are the best way of achieving your objectives? What factors are at play that might have a bearing on where you choose to concentrate your efforts? And as the public spending cuts bite, are there some services that you can no longer justify spending money on and how do you make the choice between them?  How could fresh thinking and new models deliver better for less?

The commissioning process is absolutely essential to the provision of good public services. We’ll help you clear the decks so that fresh thinking can emerge to shape your approach.

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