New acquisition

The Activist Group has announced the completion of its acquisition of EightyTwenty Insight’s local government sourcing practice.  EightyTwenty’s team has joined Activist’s public service business to create a new, integrated Public Sector division, headed by Director, Eric Bohl.

“I’m delighted that we have been able to bring together such a talented team who share a commitment to helping our clients to deliver innovation and public service reform”, said Eric Bohl.  The new division brings together EightyTwenty’s local government sourcing business with Activist’s existing strategic commissioning and education services and its services to central government.

“Our local authority customers will notice no difference in the short term as we have succeeded in welcoming all of EightyTwenty’s local government team”, reported Eric.  “In the longer term, our local authority customers will be able to benefit from a broader range of expertise”.

“We believe that public service leaders are looking for the type of support that understands the importance of getting the technical detail right, but recognises that effective transformation depends on engaging in a more sophisticated way with the psychology of change”, says Helen Thomas, Activist’s Director of Educational Services.

About Activist

Activist specialises in supporting the design and delivery of strategic change.  With clients across the public and private sector, Activist supports the full change cycle from strategy development to developing and delivering programmes, to creating new service models and monitoring the effects.

Activist’s clients in the public sector range from central government agencies, to local authorities, health trusts and schools.  Recent projects include:

  • Creating a new multi-agency joint venture company for back office services to deliver substantial savings and modernise services.
  • Designing a new senior management structure to support a public body adopting a whole-organisation strategic commissioning model in order to deliver more effective services and better value-for-money.
  • Supporting the development of cloud-based ICT strategy for a central government agency to help reduce costs and improve users’ experience.
  • Supporting the outsourcing of back office services in order to secure savings and generate new jobs in an area.
  • Supporting a pan-London shared service programme for library services in order to reduce costs.
  • Developing and implementing a new model for enhancing teaching assistants’ behaviour management skills.

Why choose Activist?

Activist brings objectivity, fresh thinking and wealth of experience to your service delivery challenges.

Ours is a collaborative approach so we’ll encourage you to develop your own solutions, then we’ll help develop your team’s skills to deliver and manage them properly.  You will emerge from working with Activist better equipped to meet the challenges you face and free of any dependencies on us or any third party.

  • We have a broad understanding that comes from our extensive experience across many different public sector functions and commercial disciplines.
  • We are flexible – we can help you however big or small the challenge you face.
  • We’re independent and transparent – because we’re not tied to any suppliers you can count on us to make recommendations based on your needs, not our vested interests.
  • We represent great value for money compared with the big global consultancies.
  • We’ll give you the right level of support – we won’t send someone impressive to sell ourselves and then follow up with inexperienced junior staff.
  • We understand the relationship between public sector officers and elected representatives and the importance of the democratic process.
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